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How To Project a Photo Slideshow at Your Next Event

How to Project a Photo Slideshow at an Event

Projectors provide a great vehicle through which to display slideshows to any size group. Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, camera club meeting, wedding or conference, we’ve got some great tips to help make sure your presentation plays perfectly.

Hardware Checklist:

Be sure and have these items on-hand for a stress-free set up!

  • Laptop for playing the photo slideshow.
  • Cables for connecting your laptop to a projector. (VGA, HDMI or DVI)
  • Laptop power cable. (So you’re fully charged when playing back your video)
  • Screen for projecting onto. Can be a traditional projector screen or plain white wall.
  • External speakers (if needed) to broadcast the sound of the show to the entire room.

Output Your Slideshow

Output your slideshow as a video file. Video is the best option for presenting in front of an audience at an event. The format is efficient, reliable and most importantly portable. You’ll find that most video files play well on the average Mac or Windows machine, making them a great cross-platform choice. Sometimes you just don’t know what type of computer is going to be hooked up to that projector. It’s best to have a video in those cases.

Videos come in a variety of formats and subtle variations, from AVI to MOV. Picking the right options can be a little daunting but it doesn’t have to be. ProShow provides many HD video presets from the “Video for Web, Devices and Computers” dialog, available from the “Publish” menu. Just look under the “Video File” section within this dialog to find many 1080p, and other, profiles that will work across a range of Windows and Mac computers.

Your Best Bet: Two solid video types that will play across any operating system (Mac or PC) are:

  • MPEG 4 AVC (h.264) 720p or 1080p
  • QuickTime h.264 1080p or 720p

We use these formats to play looping slideshows at many live events and ProShow outputs directly to these file types.

Final Tips

  • If you’ve saved your video slideshow to a DVD disc or USB drive, make sure to copy that onto the hard drive of your laptop before presenting it. If you play directly from the disc or USB drive itself, you may experience buffering caused by the laptop having to read the video from an external device or drive.
  • Arrive a few minutes early if possible and test the setup before all the guests arrive. That way you’ll look like a pro when all you have to do is hit play!
  • Test everything and then test it again. We’ve all been to the rehearsal dinner where the slideshow doesn’t start up and play right away. Make sure to test everything before the big event!

What tips do you have about projecting a photo slideshow at an event? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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