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How to Make a Proofing Slideshow for Your Photography Clients

How to make a proofing slideshow for your photography clients.

Whether you invite clients into your studio to watch a video slideshow of their images for the first time, or you send a digital proof for clients to watch in the comfort of their home, one thing remains the same – clients are usually so emotionally moved when they view their images in a moving video slideshow set the the right music, they are often brought to tears…in a good way! Tap into that emotion and lead a proofing and sales session with a slideshow viewing.

How to Set Up a Proofing Slideshow in ProShow

ProShow makes it super-simple to set up a proofing video slideshow in minutes. It has built-in themes that make the process easy and pain-free! Follow the steps below.

  • Decide on the images and videos you want to use in your show. Do you want to include everything from the shoot or a curated selection?
  • Open ProShow and import your content. You’ll be prompted to select a method for starting your show – Blank Show, Wizard or Show Template (Producer-only).
  • The thing to remember about a proofing slideshow is that this is most likely the first time your clients have seen their images. Keep the photos on the screen a bit longer that you normally would and keep the effects to an absolute minimum. They want to see and absorb what’s on the screen, not watch images whiz by.

    Use a simple theme and keep your photos on the screen for a bit longer than normal.

  • Try these suggested themes in ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web for a simple slideshow that puts the focus on your photos:

    1. Simplicity (Light or Dark)
    2. Zero Motion
    3. Clean & Simple (Light or Dark)
    4. Always
  • Once you have your theme selected, add your photos to your slideshow and let the wizard do its work. In just a few minutes you’ll have a preview ready to watch.
    Studio with gorgeous client proofing  room.
    Photo by Mark Teskey.

  • Final delivery of the slideshow can come in many forms. ProShow supports output to a number of different formats and certainly one that will fit your needs.
    • Projecting a Slideshow: If you plan to playback the slideshow in your studio, output an MPEG 4 1080p video file that you can project from a laptop.
    • Disc Authoring: If you’d rather send the clients a proof on disc, ProShow outputs to both DVD and Blu-ray. Your clients can pop the disc in their player and watch their slideshow back in the comfort of their home.
    • Online Delivery: Another method for getting the slideshow to your clients would be to post it online for them to view. Photography hosting sites like Zenfolio and Smugmug both offer the ability to upload videos for clients to playback in a secure, usually pass-word protected setting. You can also opt for posting a video on YouTube or Vimeo, just make sure to mark it as ‘Unlisted‘ so it’s not out there for the world to see.

Final Tips

  • Decide whether or not you want to include file names on each image in the show. You can manually type in a caption onto each slide or a text macro short cut. Captions or file names on a slide can be helpful if you’re wanting to use a slideshow as a proofing tool – meaning you send the show to clients and they watch it back and pick which images they’d like printed, framed, etc…
  • If you plan on burning a DVD or Blu-ray, go the extra mile and add a professional menu. ProShow has a built-in menuing system that allows to you create custom DVD or Blu-ray menus.
  • If you’re using ProShow Producer, take advantage of the built-in Show Templates. You’ll find proofing templates that allow you to simply drop in your photos and videos and the rest is done for you!
    ProShow Producer's built-in show templates.

  • Before you playback your show live, be sure and test everything! You don’t want to look un-prepared when a client walks in.

Ready to make a slideshow for your clients?

With ProShow, it takes just a few minutes to create a beautiful slideshow video using the automatic wizard and instant effects. Create shows on your desktop or online. Try it free or upgrade today!

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Have you used video slideshows as a proofing tool in your business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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