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5 Right-Click Gems in ProShow 6

5 Right Click Gems in ProShow

The right-click menus in ProShow have some really useful features that can speed up your workflow and get you to features and options quicker than other methods. Here’s a round up of 5 great right-click options that we think you’ll find very useful!

1. Split Track Here

Split track here allows you to split a song into two tracks. You can use this for two different reasons, a)you have a video / slide sound on your slide and you want the playback of the soundtrack to stop and start before / after the video. Or b)you want to cut out a specific section of your song in your soundtrack. To split your track, switch to Timeline view (keyboard shortcut: Tab key), mouse over the area where you want to split your track, right-click and select Split Track Here to split the track. Once the track is split you can line up part a and part b of your track so it starts and stops where you’d like in your show without missing part of the song during playback of the video or slide sound in your show.

2. Add Volume Control Point

Add volume control point allows you to adjust the volume of your track at a specific point in your show. You can use this to set a custom volume for your song during a specific video or slide sound if the song is over powering the content in your slide. To add a volume control point, switch to Timeline view (keyboard shortcut: Tab key), mouse over the area where you want to adjust the volume, then right-click and select Add Volume Control Point. Feel free to drag this control point around to fine tune the position and volume once added to your song.

3. Apply Slide Style

This right-click option allows you to apply the same style to multiple slides in a couple simple steps. To apply the same style to multiple slides, first select your slides, then right-click one of the slides and select Apply Slide Style. Once you’ve selected the style, click the Apply to Slides button on the bottom-right and it should update your selected slide with this style in your slide list.

4. Use Wizard on Selected Slides

A common question we get is how to use the wizard when adding additional content to the show after the show is already built. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to add new images or slides to an existing show after you’ve used the wizard, this option is for you. Simply select the new slides you’ve added to your show, right-click one of these slides and select Use Wizard on Selected Slides to load your new content into the Wizard and build these slides with effects from the same theme used in this show.

5. Copy Effect

This neat little tool allows you to copy a slide’s effect to all or a specific set of slides directly from the slide list. To copy an effect from a slide, select the slides you’d like to copy an effect to (be sure to include slide containing the effect you want to copy), then right-click the slide containing the effect and select Copy Effect > Copy Slide Style to Selected Slides. You will receive a prompt asking you if you are sure you want to apply the same effect to your selected slides. Click Ok and ProShow will make this change for you with minimal effort.

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