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The Ultimate Slideshow Effects Guide for ProShow 6


With over 900 built-in effects in ProShow Gold and Producer combined, plus hundreds more from ProShow Effects Packs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you can choose from. Luckily, the Creative team at Photodex has got you covered with the most comprehensive list of recommended effects to date!

These go-to ‘staple’ FX were selected for their versatility, production value and frequency of use — perfect for making professional photography slideshows, personal slideshows and commercial videos. For your convenience, these effects ‘favorites’ have been grouped according to the type of situation they are known to serve exceptionally well. Enjoy!

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Showing Photos With Captions

Showing Photos With Captions

For slideshows that might benefit from including historical or factual details, adding captions to photos can provide extra depth to the content and create a more engaging experience. For funny slideshows, using captions can enhance the comedic element. (Tip: keep photo captions short & sweet, and use them sparingly).

For Video Clips (16:9 and 4:3)

Effects for Video Clips

Got a video clip? Here are some of our recommended slide styles for showcasing videos in a polished manner, featuring an ideal viewing size and minimal (or still) motion.

Good Handling of Portrait / Tall Photos

Good Handling of Portrait Orientation

Displaying a tall rectangular photo (i.e. portrait orientation vs. landscape orientation) on a widescreen canvas can result in a lot of blank space on the left and right sides of the photo. The best effects for portrait photos offer an elegant way to fill that extra space in a non-distracting way, while maximizing the amount of photo shown (and preventing awkward cropping off the tops and bottoms of the photo).


For Square / Instagram Photos

For Square / Instagram Photos

Square format for photos used to be a lot less common – especially in the print world. These days, we see them everywhere — thanks to Instagram & other mobile photo-centric apps. The following effects showcase square images beautifully and creatively:

Best Short Multi-Photo Montages (2-4 photos)

Best Short Multi-Photo Montages

The easiest way to avoid monotony when showing a large quantity of images is to occasionally change up the rhythm & flow by throwing in some groupings of photos to balance out all the slides with single images. Montages of 2-3 photos are best for this:

Best Longer  Multi-Photo Montages (5+ Photos)

Best Longer Multi-Photo Montages

Sometimes, a presentation calls for showing a lot of images at once, not for perusing in-depth, but as a grand show  of ‘variety’ or ‘epic-ness’ (usually as an intro or ending to a slideshow). If your objective is to convey a sense of breadth,  volume or a multi-faceted experience, these montage effects will do the trick:


Clean Transitions

Clean Transition Effects

The default transition effect in ProShow is the A/B crossfade blend — featuring the previous slide fading into the next slide. It’s a classic effect, but sometimes your slideshow’s content might benefit from a clean, non-blended transition between slides. For these cases, we recommend the following transitions:

High Concept Transition FX

High Concept Transitions

ProShow comes with hundreds of amazing built-in slide transitions to accommodate virtually every stylistic need. If you’re looking for a specific type of effect to heighten the drama or complement a feature in your photos (e.g. water, sunshine, etc.), look no further. Here’s the roundup of our favorite special effects transitions:

For Weddings, Glamour & Portraits

For weddings, fashion, boudoir, family + senior portrait slideshows, it’s best for the majority (if not all) of the effects to be on the subtle side in terms of animation, with greater attention focused on the photos and layout structure.

Our #1 recommended choice for bringing beautiful wedding & portrait photography to life is Effects Pack: Portraits. These effects are elegant, stylish & versatile but the spotlight always remains on the content, not the supporting animations. If you enjoy the modern sophistication of coffee table photo books, you’ll love these effects.

Just for Sports

As anyone might expect, many of the more high energy effects in ProShow are perfect for sports slideshows, but if you’re looking for effects specifically designed for sports content, check out Effects Pack: Sports and Action.

This pack includes a ton of dynamic effects for most major sports & action categories (baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, track, swim, ice/snow sports, cheer, etc.), with multiple variants of customizable slide styles and transitions for each sports group.

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