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Improve Your Slideshow’s Flow with Montages & Videos

Use a photo montage or video to help with the flow of your slideshow.

Flow — in terms of a slideshow, song or movie (anything that changes over time) is somewhat tricky to describe but you can feel it. It’s about energy and its relationship with the structure of the work. Most people can tell if the flow of a slideshow feels good (even if they don’t know why), because there is a feeling of momentum and new things around the corner and because… they don’t feel bored! If a slideshow looks nice but feels dull or a certain part feels ‘stuck in a rut’, the flow needs improvement.

To see this concept in action, take a look at a song. If you consider the song’s structure, in most cases, you’ll find that it doesn’t just play 5 verses in a row. There’s a chorus that comes in every once in a while to break up the pattern and ‘reset’ the feeling of sameness.

There are different ways to improve flow in a slideshow. Using contrast by way of alternating photo content can go a long way. Another easy way to improve flow is to throw in surprises (at intervals) such as multi-photo montages & video clips. Throughout your show, every 4-6 slides containing single photos, try grouping multiple related photos into the same slide and apply a montage (multi-photo) effect. (Tip: You can use the ‘Combine Slides’ option to merge multiple selected slides into one).

Improve workflow with montages and videos.

ProShow comes with built-in montage effects you can use,  plus you can always add to your collection by getting Effects Packs. Best. Value. Ever. Seriously.

ProShow Effects Packs

Video is another one of our go-to flow enhancers. Try interspersing video clips throughout your slideshow (assuming the video is related to the photos you’ve been showing). It is guaranteed to add an unexpected energy and life to the overall presentation. ProShow makes it easy to add video clips just like any still photo. You can even trim the length to just the part you need, using the built-in trimmer.

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