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5 Intro Ideas for Every Type of Photo and Video Slideshow

5 Intro Ideas for your Slideshows

The way you start your slideshow (or any presentation) — sets the tone & context for all that follows. The moment the video starts to play, your audience will spend the first 30-60 seconds sizing up three things:

  1. the quality of the delivery
  2. the substance of the content
  3. the overall interest level

With such limited time to grab your audience’s attention, the first 60 seconds needs to be extra good. For this reason, it’s definitely worth putting some extra thought into the intro for any slideshow, especially if it’s for a client.

Since slideshows come in many shapes and forms – we have a variety of intro styles to consider.  Some work for all situations; others are more effective in a particular context. If you’re looking for new inspiration for your slideshows, here are 5 tried-and-true intros to start with:

1. The Teaser / Overview Montage

Just like a movie trailer, this approach involves showing a quick series of photos highlighted from different points in the slideshow. Often, intro montages also feature the show’s title. A teaser intro can work just as well for showing groups of unrelated images (like for a portfolio image showcase) or for a series of scenes from one specific event.
Example of a Teaser Montage

2. The Introductory Quote / Excerpt

Kicking off your slideshow with an idea or statement is another great way to start a presentation. Whether your statement comes in the form of a famous (or personal) quotation, or in the form of an interesting excerpt from a video or audio clip — this approach helps set the context for your slideshow and puts the audience in the right frame of mind for what follows. (The video below uses the Wall Scroll effect from Effect Pack 6).
Example of a Intro Statement Montage

3. Pose a Question

If your slideshow focuses on ‘pitching’ a solution for a problem or need, sometimes it’s best to start your presentation by asking the question you are proposing to answer with your slideshow. This approach is commonly used in commercials and business presentations.
Using a Question as Your Intro

4. The Recap / Retrospective Montage

Similar to the teaser montage, this style of intro also shows a quick series of photos at the beginning. However, instead of showing a sneak peek — this version shows a ‘flashback’ of scenes from a previous event or installment in a series, or you can show a selection of images representing time/growth/change leading up to the story told in the slideshow. This type of intro works especially well for reunion & anniversary slideshows (e.g. show recap of previous milestone events) + graduation slideshows (e.g. show baby photos and different scenes of the child growing up). The video below features the ‘Timeline’ effects (available as a free download).
Example of a Retrospective Montage

5. A Polished Title Slide

For situations that call for just diving into the beginning of the ‘story’ without delay, a polished-looking title slide is perfectly acceptable as your slideshow intro. (Sure, you could do without a title slide – at least, for a casual home video, but giving your presentation an introductory title slide is just good practice). You wouldn’t publish a book without a front cover, would you? Title slides can be styled however you like — minimal and unanimated, or lushly visual & dramatic. It’s up to you. The examples featured below are from Effects Pack 6.

Looking for more creative inspiration?

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