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FAQ Friday: Top ProShow Questions and Answers

ProShow Frequently Asked Questions

The top 5 most buzzed about topics and questions about making video slideshows with ProShow. These come directly from ProShow users just like you and are collected by our customer service team every other week! Read the round-up below to see what people are curious about this week.

  1. What is the easiest way to fade my soundtrack at the end of my show?
    We recommend using the Fade Soundtrack at end of show option under the Show Soundtrack settings in ProShow. To fade your soundtrack, open your Show Soundtrack settings (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+M) and check the Fade Soundtrack at end of Show checkbox. You have three options to choose from when setting the duration of the fade, duration of Last Transition, Last Slide or Custom. Once you’ve set your duration, click Done to save these changes and test the playback of your show.fade_soundtrack_end_show
  2. How do I enable the Favorites list in ProShow?
    ProShow automatically adds folder entries into your Favorites list for easy access to your most frequently accessed folders. By default this option is disabled in the main interface. To enable the Favorites list, click Window on the menu bar, mouse over Shows and select Favorites (keyboard shortcut:  Ctrl+Shift+F2). The Favorites list should appear directly above the Folder List in ProShow and already contain your most commonly used folders. If your Favorites list is empty, you can manually add a folder by right-clicking any folder in the Folder list and selecting Add to Favorites from the right-click menu.
  3. What is the ‘Startup folder’ option used for under preferences in ProShow?
    The Startup folder allows you to configure the default folder shown in the ProShow Folders list when you first open the program.  To set your Startup folder, click Edit on the menu bar and select Preferences from the drop down menu. In Preferences, click the Miscellaneous category on the left and locate the Startup preference on the right. You can choose from Last folder used or you can configure a specific folder by selecting This Folder followed by the browse button.startup_thisfolder
  4. When I try to register ProShow I get an ‘Invalid Registration Key’ message.
    When you purchase your software we generate a registration key that works with your Name and Phone number provided at the time of your purchase. When entering your registration information (including Name, Phone and Key) into the program it is extremely important to enter all the information exactly as it shows in your order receipt. If your Name, Phone or Registration key is off by one digit or has a typo this will cause the invalid registration key message. When this happens, we recommend pulling up your original order receipt we sent to you via email and copy and paste each line into each field provided in the program. If for some reason the copy/paste trick doesn’t work for you, contact us and we will take a look at your customer record to verify the information being typed in is correct or hasn’t been changed for any reason.invalid_registration_key
  5. Why are my DVD’s fuzzy?
    The DVD format is not considered a high definition format. It’s considered standard definition which is why we see a loss of quality when we burn our discs. The standard resolution for DVD is limited to 720×480 (NTSC) and 720×576 (PAL). This is the best possible resolution we can get with this format. To maximize the sharpness of our DVD increase the video bit rate or DVD Type to DVD HQ (Max) and/or disable Anti-Flicker before publishing the DVD. To change the DVD Type, open the Create DVD publishing window and click on the Options tab. Locate DVD Type and change this option to DVD HQ (Maximum). To remove Anti-Flicker, uncheck the Anti-Flicker checkbox located under the Options tab of your Create DVD window. For more info on DVD quality, click here.Quality chart for slideshow output


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