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Upload Your Slideshows to YouTube at 60 Frames Per Second


“Why does my slideshow not look smooth when I upload it to YouTube?”  It’s a question I get from time to time, and I have to explain that ProShow is not doing anything wrong when creating the video. It’s just the fact that YouTube – and frankly all video on the internet – is limited to 30 frames per second. In other words, you are effectively seeing only 30 possible movements in any given second. To get smoothness that is close to the limit of what human eye can see (or more importantly, what your monitor can display), the frame rate needs to be 60 frames per second.

A little over a month ago, YouTube unveiled a feature that piqued my interest: support for watching 60fps video. This finally puts YouTube on par with the smoothness that you see when watching a television broadcast. Now there’s a fairly big “gotcha” to this feature. For the time being it only works in the Google Chrome web browser. On the other hand, there is no downside to uploading your videos in 60fps all the time. Viewers who use Google Chrome will be able to watch at 60fps while those with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc, will see all the normal quality/resolution options that have always been available.

ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer can upload to YouTube automatically, but support for uploading at 60fps is not yet built into the program. Today I’m going to show you how to create a custom video preset in ProShow that will allow you to manually upload your videos to YouTube using the new frame rate option.

Creating Your Custom Video Preset in ProShow

  1. In ProShow, open any saved slideshow that you’d like to upload to YouTube.
  2. Go to the Publish menu and choose Video for Web, Devices, and Computers.
  3. Click the [+] button at the top of the Presets list on the left in order to create a custom video preset.
  4. If you’re using ProShow Producer or you have ProShow Gold with the ProShow Devices plugin installed, set up your preset as shown below.
  5. If you do not have the ProShow Devices plugin in ProShow Gold, set up your preset as shown below.
  6. Click the Save button to create your custom preset. After you’ve done this, your custom preset should be selected at the list in the left of the Video for Web, Devices and Computers window.
  7. Click the Create button, then choose a save location and file name when prompted. Make sure to take note of where you’re saving this, as you’ll be needing it again soon. If in doubt, save it to your desktop.
  8. Assuming you’re already logged into YouTube, go to their site and click the “Upload” button at the top right. You can also get to it by clicking this link.
  9. Click the “Select files to upload” button and choose the file you created in ProShow. From there it should be a matter of filling in the video details while the upload is in progress.

Watching Your 60fps Videos on YouTube

YouTube takes a few minutes – or hours in some cases – to make each video resolution available in the player (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p). If you have an errand to run or are thinking about grabbing a bite to eat, now’s the time to do it. Once it’s finished creating each version of the video file, all you’ll need to do during playback is to click the gear icon at the bottom of your video and choose either 1080p60 or 720p60.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. In the meantime, here’s the demo video for ProShow Producer 6, which you can watch in 60fps with Google Chrome.


  • For this video to work well, you’ll need to make sure that you have a fairly modern system with the newest graphics drivers installed.
  • If 1080p60 does not play back smoothly, try 720p60, which will be less hardware-intensive.
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