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FAQ Friday: Top ProShow Questions and Answers

ProShow Frequently Asked Questions

The top 5 most buzzed about topics and questions about making video slideshows withProShow. These come directly fromProShowusers just like you and are collected by our customer service team every other week! Read the round-up below to see what people are curious about this week.

    1. How do I zoom out the preview in Slide Options so I can see the outer area of the slide?
      In Slide Options, locate the magnifying glass button at the bottom of your Slide Options window and adjust the value from 100 to 20. You can either drag the slider to the left or type in the value to zoom out the preview.zoom_preview
    2. How do I switch slides while working in the Slide Options in ProShow?
      In Slide Options, click the left and right arrow buttons located at the bottom of your Slide Options window to go to the previous or next slides in your show.next_or_previous_slide
    3. I built my show using the Wizard. How do I use the wizard on the new content without having to rebuild my entire show?
      In ProShow, we have an option called Remix that allows you to add new content into the Wizard without having to rebuild you show. To remix your new content, select the slides in your timeline (Hold Ctrl while clicking on each slide) that you’d like to remix, then select the Remix button on the toolbar at the top. Once your new content is loaded into the Wizard, follow the steps on screen to apply effects to your content.remix_button
    4. Can I replace a layer with a new image without having to rebuild the slide or apply the style again?
      Absolutely! To replace an existing layer with a new image, double-click the slide (to open Slide Options), right-click the layer and click on Select File to load the new image into the slide. Using this workflow will maintain all settings that were applied to the layer when you selected the style for this slide.select_File
    5. How do I turn on the show size meter in the main ProShow interface?
      By default, this option is disabled in the main interface. To enable the show size meter, click on the Window drop-down menu at the top and mouse over Show > Show size. Additionally, you can toggle this option on/off by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9 on your keyboard. The Show size meter gives you an estimated show size for specific outputs to make sure your show will fit when publishing. Click on the meter to toggle to your desired publishing method (Blu-ray, DVD, EXE, Web) for a more accurate estimate.show_size_meter


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