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Daily Archives: December 18, 2014

Free Printable DVD Cover Template for Your Video Slideshows

Going the extra mile when packaging gifts makes a big difference in the overall impression one has on the receiving end. If you’re planning to give a DVD slideshow as a gift or as a deliverable for clients, fortunately, there are many tasteful options for packaging your discs.

If you’re looking for an affordable do-it-yourself option, try our FREE printable DVD cover templates. All you need is a color printer and a few minutes. Includes editable template options for Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word (1997 and up). Download them today!

Free DVD Cover Template Download

Download: DVD Cover Template

Template Dimensions (designed for standard clamshell DVD cases):
Full Bleed Print Size: (11″ x 7.45″) | Final Trim Size: (10.77″ x 7.2″)

  • (.PSD) template is compatible with Adobe Photoshop* CS2 and up. (Due to the complexity, Photoshop Elements is not supported).
  • (.DOC / .DOCX) templates are compatible with MS Word* (97-current)

*For assistance on how to use either of these programs, please consult the software documentation


Using the Photoshop Template (.psd)

The following tips assume a basic-intermediate proficiency in using Adobe Photoshop. Please consult Photoshop’s documentation for more in-depth instructions on using a certain feature.

Open the .PSD file in Photoshop. The editable layers will be grouped as shown below. (To see the guides & front-only / back-only previews, turn on the hidden layers within the ‘GUIDES…’ layer group).

Free DVD Cover Artwork

To edit text, select the ‘T’ type tool and click in any text placeholder to start typing. You can change the font and colors as you like. Colors for header bar, text & spine can also be customized.

Free DVD Cover Artwork Layout

To swap the existing sample photo with your own photo, double-click on the photo placeholder (it should read ‘Open/Add Image/Save’). You will see a (.psb) smart object window pop open. (You can also right-click on that photo layer instead of double-clicking and select ‘Edit Contents’ to open the .psb smart object window). Place or paste your own image on top of the original photo layer. Make sure you resize your photo appropriately to fit. Save and close the .psb file (but keep your DVD template .psd open).

DVD Cover Artwork Free download

Once the DVD template has been customized and you’re ready to print, make sure all optional ‘Guides & Previews…’ layers are hidden. Also check to see that the ‘Trim Marks’ layer group IS visible. You will want these to assist with cropping your DVD cover to its final trim size, once printed.

DVD cover artwork download

If printing directly through Photoshop, in the Print settings dialog, set the orientation to ‘Landscape’, with paper size set to 8.5 x 11″ or larger. Note: The template will flow right up to the edge of the sheet, meaning a small, but acceptable margin may get cropped off). Once printed, trim using the built-in crop marks.

Using the Microsoft Word Template (.docx)

The following tips assume a basic-intermediate proficiency in using MS Word. The template may or may not work correctly in other programs (such as OpenOffice, Google Docs). A .doc version of the template is also included for MS Word 97, though images will need to be manually added instead of using the newer ‘Change Picture’ feature (available in the .docx version).

Open the .DOCX or .DOC file in MS Word. To edit text, click in any text box and start typing. You can change the font, size & text color.

Free DVD Cover artwork download for Word

To change the color of the header background or spine, right-click on the area you want to change until you see an option for ‘Format Object’. (You may need to do this a few times until you get the right spot, since it is important that your cursor be hovering over the correct object and not overlapping boxes in the same spot). Under ‘Fill Color’ – pick the hue you want to use.

Free DVD Cover artwork template for Microsoft Word

To change a photo in the template, right-click on either photo placeholder (the template will have 2 sample photos, one on both the front & back). Select the option > ‘Change Picture’. Select a photo on your computer to use. (Note: In this template, landscape / wide orientation photos work best. Portrait photos will also work but you will most likely want to resize them after they are added).

Free DVD Cover Template Download for Microsoft Word

Once you have finished setting up your DVD cover and are ready to print, select the ‘Print’ option. The template is setup to print on 8.5 x 11″ or larger sizes of paper. (Note: The margins will be very narrow on the edges – if one of the edges of the trim guide gets cropped after printing, use a ruler or straight edge against the header background edge to draw any missing trim lines. Trim the edges with scissors or paper cutter and insert into your case. Voila! Your DVD is ready for gifting.

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