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New Service Offers Photo Copyright Protection Assistance

Pixsy is a new service that offers copyright protection assistance to photographers.

So there you are, sipping your morning coffee and surfing the web, when all of the sudden, you freeze. The innocent list of ’10 things you didn’t know’ is suddenly not so innocent. The image for item number 6 looks eerily familiar. “Wait a minute! That’s MINE! I took that! They’re using my photo without my permission!”

In the digital age of photography, this scenario affects both pro-photographers and hobbyists alike. But what can you do to protect or defend your work?

There’s never really been an easy answer to this question, but a new service we came across recently says that they can help you find and protect your images. is a new online service platform that automatically scans the web, looking for unlicensed image usage for its members. If found, Pixy notifies you, helps you determine a proper licensing fee and with your permission, will contact the user and work toward collecting a fee for the use of your images.

Pixsy is still in “beta” as a service, and is not a substitute for legal representation, but what they offer does look very promising for all of us looking to protect, defend and profit from our photography.

If you’re unfamiliar with subject, check out their blog. It’s is full of great articles discussing copyright and image protection.


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