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Behind the Scenes: Photographer Paul Armstrong’s Iceland Video

Photo by Paul Armstrong

Photographer Paul Armstrong won Grand Prize in our Ultimate Story contest last month. His winning video ‘ISLANDIA – A Photographer’s Heaven‘ features stunning images of frozen landscapes and a gorgeous portrayal of the Northern Lights. Capturing the scenery didn’t come easy. Paul and his team battled some harsh conditions and of course, were at the mercy of mother nature. Read below to learn about his journey photographing Iceland.

“The purpose of the trip was to photograph the Northern Lights ( Auroras ) as well as the ice on the beach at Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon. We selected January as the nights were long giving us the best possibility to photograph the auroras and the days were cool so the ice would stay a long time at the lagoon. Temperature range along the southern coast was surprising +3C to -3C or 27F – 37F letting us spend lots of time outdoors and not have to be bundled up in parkas.

We heard Iceland would be windy, but we had no idea of the strength of the wind. But with wind you get wave action and this made for some great shooting while waiting for the auroras. Mother nature plays a big role in photographing auroras and she granted us 3 nights where we had cloudless to partly cloudy skies. Mother nature did not allow us any sunrises or sunsets while we were at the lagoon, preventing us from photographing icebergs in the magic light.

photo by Paul Armstrong

Iceland is a fantastic place to photograph landscapes. The land changes every 10 minutes, around every bend in the road giving you options to photograph lava of all shapes and sizes, waterfalls, mosses, ice caves, icebergs, wildlife, Icelandic horses as well as hills and valleys.

I will be going back for a third time.”

– Paul Armstrong

Watch Paul’s Winning Video

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