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Using Dropbox and ProShow for Improved Slideshow Workflow

Using Dropbox with ProShow

If you’re looking for a great way to store, archive or share your photos or videos in the cloud, Dropbox may be a great solution for you. They recently added some pretty handy new features to their Pro service ($10/month), including more storage space (1TB), view-only shared folders and new security features. Check out some of the ways ProShow and Dropbox work together below.

Easy Importing into ProShow Slideshows

With ProShow Web, you can import content directly from your Dropbox account. No need to upload twice! Just click Add Content and select Dropbox.

With the Dropbox application loaded on your local computer, you can easily import your content into a ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer slideshow. The Dropbox folder shows up just like any other folder on your hard drive. From there you can select content and drag and drop directly into a new slideshow.

Collaboration and Sharing

When you’re building a show, Dropbox makes it easy to get images from clients, friends or family.

When you’re ready to share a final video, you don’t need to worry about burning a disc or mailing a flash drive. You can simply upload to Dropbox and invite your guests to download the video. This is really handy when you have shows that are too large for YouTube, need to remain super high quality (YouTube isn’t always the best), or when a video needs to remain private or offline.

One Central Location for Your Content

If you’re like me, you take tons of pictures! Sometimes I process them on my desktop, sometimes on my laptop and once in a while I get a great shot or two on my phone. With the Dropbox desktop and mobile apps, you can store your images and video in one central location in the cloud. This allows you to easily access and transfer all of your photos and videos across all of your devices and your content is readily available when you’re ready to make a video slideshow.

Do you use Dropbox to share photos or videos with friends, family or clients? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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