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Slideshow Calculator: Estimate How Many Photos to Use + Song Length

Slideshow Calculator

How long should my slideshow be? If you plan to make a slideshow for friends, family or clients, this might be a question you’re asking yourself.

  • Too short of a show and your audience will be left wanting more.
  • Too long of a show and you could be boring everyone to tears!

The calculator below estimates timing and content needs for your slideshow and provides a visual preview of the speed at which your content will appear on the screen. Plug in some numbers below to give it a try and be sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

As you can see, time really adds up depending on the speed at which you want your content to appear on the screen. Try plugging in different variations of pieces of content vs music to see what your slideshow’s pace will be like. It’s a great way to do a little pre-planning before you start any new show.

Want to embed this slideshow calculator on your own website or blog? Copy and paste the embed code below:

<iframe src="" width=500 height=1074 frameborder=0 ></iframe>


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