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FAQ Friday: Top ProShow Questions and Answers

ProShow Frequently Asked Questions

Each Friday we share the top 5 most buzzed about topics and questions about making video slideshows with ProShow. These come directly from ProShow users just like you and are collected by our customer service team each week! Read the round-up below to see what people are curious about this week.

  1. How do I set a custom aspect ratio for my slideshow?
    In ProShow, you can adjust your show’s aspect ratio to give you a better fit for various devices that may not use the traditional 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio screens. To adjust your show’s aspect ratio go into your Show Settings window (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+H) and locate the ‘Aspect Ratio’ option found near the top. Change the Aspect Ratio to ‘Custom’ and enter your new aspect ratio in the provided value boxes to the right. For more information on show aspect ratios, click here.
  2. How do I offset my soundtrack so it starts later in my show?
    In ProShow, you may want to delay your show soundtrack so it starts after a title slide or a video introduction at the beginning of your show. This type of delay is called an offset in ProShow. To apply an offset, go into your Soundtrack Settings window (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+M) and select the first song in the soundtrack column on the left.  With the song selected, locate the Offset value box under Track Settings and enter a positive number to delay the soundtrack. Make sure you enter the offset value in seconds. For example, if we want to delay the soundtrack by 1 minute, we would enter 60 seconds for our offset.Add an offset to your audio track in ProShow.

    Remember: This type of change may require a bit of trial and error until you get it just right. Be sure to test playback after making this change. When you add an offset your entire soundtrack shifts over by the number of seconds added to the offset value.

    For more information on adjusting your soundtrack in ProShow, click here.

  3. Where is the Slide Inspector found in ProShow?
    The Slide Inspector is a neat tool for the diehard slide show creator that needs a quick view of a particular slide in the main interface of the program. In the Slide Inspector you will see details like the slide style and transition used, duration, and how many layers and captions are on the selected slide. To enable the Slide Inspector in ProShow, click on Window > Show > Slide Inspector or you can use the following keyboard shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+F7 to enable this feature.
  4. Can I remove red-eye on a picture in my slideshow?
    Absolutely! To remove red eye from a picture in your show, double-click the slide containing the picture with red eye and select the layer from the layers column on the left. Then click on the Adjustments tab at the top and locate the Red-Eye tool under your Editing Tools on the bottom-right of the Slide Options window.
  5. How do I remove unwanted transitions when using the random transition picker in my slideshow?
    To remove unwanted transitions from the random transition picker, go into Show Options (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+H) and click onthe Set Random Transitions button at the top of your Show Settings screen. Uncheck the unwanted transitions in the list and click Apply to save these changes. When using this option it is important to make sure you set the transition for all slides to the random transition option from the picker otherwise it will not work as expected.Adjusting random transitions in ProShow.

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