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ProShow Gold Awarded Best Slideshow Software 2015

ProShow Gold Best Slideshow Software 2015

Today’s guest post comes from the folks at A site dedicated to providing objective third-party product reviews to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Here at, we reserve the Gold Award for software (and the companies that create them) that exemplifies the best of the best in every criteria used to rate featured products. Our decision to award ProShow Gold with the Gold Award was due largely in part to three major factors: the smooth functionality of its features, overall ease of use, and knowledgeable and timely customer support. Below, we delve deeper into the details that make ProShow Gold shine.

A Plethora of Features

ProShow Gold provides users with many of the essential features that define how quality, slideshow software should function. All in all, ProShow Gold has nearly 300 effects and transitions at your disposal. This allows for the most wide-reaching and comprehensive editing palette of all the applications we tested against ProShow Gold for this review.

What we loved most about this software was the fact that it doesn’t place a limit on the total number of photos or videos you can add to your slideshows. The timeline also allows you to add multiple audio tracks, including voice overs that can be recorded and then synced with your slideshow during the editing process.

Because the latest version of ProShow Gold seemingly overhauled much of its interface, most of the program has now become accessible to all types of users across several skill levels. Additionally, the inclusion of a wizard allows beginners to grab the reins on this program with the same confidence of an advanced user.

ProShow Gold also allows users to import music from multiple sources with a one-click system to streamline the editing process tremendously. And with the help of a DVD-R drive, you can also burn slideshows to hard copy sources, like DVDs and CDs. Completed files can also be exported in a collection of different file formats.

To add a little something extra to your slideshow projects, ProShow Gold has animation options, like timed zoom and tilt/rotate to take presentations to a whole new level. There are also more traditional editing options available including crop, black and white options, as well as red-eye removal.

An Unsurpassed User Experience

As mentioned before, the creators of ProShow Gold have spent a great deal of time and effort reinventing the interface of the program to a point where even the novice user can pick up the basics in a very short period of time.

Just because ProShow Gold offers, literally, hundreds of features and abilities, this doesn’t mean the learning curve is that expansive. With the addition of a wizard function, you can learn the ins and outs of the program or pick and choose specific tutorials to personalize your user experience.
Because of this, ProShow Gold earned the highest scores when it came to overall ease of use and user experience.

Excellent Customer Service and Support

ProShow Gold’s technical support and customer service offerings are absolutely second to none. Aside from a knowledgeable phone and email service that’s available seven days per week, there’s also a library of user manuals, FAQs, and video tutorials constantly at the ready to help answer any questions you may have.

Excellent user experience options, exceptional ease of use, and an expert team of technical support professionals at the helm ready to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter are the exact reasons why ProShow Gold is the best slideshow software available in the industry today.

ProShow Gold not only exceeded the majority of TopTenReviews expectations, it completely raised the bar as to what a quality slideshow application can be, thus the Gold Award was a more-than-appropriate response to such a spotless piece of software.

You can read the full review of ProShow Gold on here.


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