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Top 10 Effects for Your Vacation and Travel Slideshows + Freebie FX

Top 10 Effects for your Vacation and Travel Slideshows + Freebie FX

Summer is a popular time for vacations and travel holidays. Whether you have a trip coming up or you just returned from one, don’t let your beautiful travel photos sit in some forgotten folder on your computer! Why not make a fun slideshow video of your favorite vacation memories? It takes just a few minutes to create a show that everybody can enjoy on the big screen TV, or share it on Facebook or YouTube.

It’s easy!

ProShow is the perfect tool for making photo slideshows of your vacation memories. Instantly mix photos, video clips and music together with gorgeous built-in effects. Want to make it extra amazing? Download our free ‘Beach Tide’ effect + check out our top 10 favorite effects for vacation shows!

Free Beach Tide / Waves Effect

Download Free Beach Tide Transition

Designed for: ProShow Gold 6+ and ProShow Producer 6+
ProShow Web users will be able to use this effect in the FX dialog.

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ProShow 6
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Top 10 Vacation + Travel Slideshow Effects

Looking for travel and outdoor-themed styles & transitions to go along with your vacation photos? Check out our top 10 favorite picks for travel slideshows below!

Luxe & Light Styles + Rays Transition

Boost the sunny ambiance of your outdoor pics. No sunscreen required. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Cloud Transition

Perfect for airplane and aerial photos, or imagery from misty locales. Available in Transition Pack 1.

Title Montages: Block Collage + On the Line

Excellent opening title options that show a sneak peak of the trip photos. Available in StylePack 5.

Bubble Drift Transition

Bubble Drift Transition from ProShow Transition Pack 2
A playful set of transition effects with variants that look like air-borne or water bubbles. Great for aquatic adventures, outdoor kids photos or poolside pics. Available in Transition Pack 2.

Water Ripple Transition

This water ripple transition effect also works well for any type of aquatic imagery — cruise photos, scuba diving excursions, fishing at the lake, etc. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Castaway Photo Montage

A high energy 5-photo montage with lots of momentum and excitement. A great way to start or end your show. Available in StylePack 3.

Print Blend – Portrait Photo Montage

Print Blend - Portrait Photo Montage from StylePack 3
Got a bunch of portrait / tall-format photos but don’t know what to do with all the extra space on the left and right sides? Display portraits in style with this beautiful montage from StylePack 2.

Texture Fade – Photo Style

Give your travel photos a painterly brushed-on look with this gorgeous effect. Suitable for any type of subject matter but works especially well for architectural & portrait shots. Available in StylePack 4.

ProShow StylePack: Escapes

Enjoy dozens of travel-themed photo and title effects conveniently bundled into one dedicated StylePack. Get StylePack Escapes today for just $19.95.

Postcard Freebie Effects

Sprinkle these airmail-inspired effects throughout your show (w/ title, caption & photo options) to give it a fun, ‘travelling-abroad’ theme. Download the free ‘Airmail Postcard‘ effects.


Got the right tool to build your slideshow?

Planning to make a vacation / travel slideshow? With ProShow, it literally takes just minutes to make a beautiful video slideshows using the automated wizard and instant effects. Upgrade or download a free trial of ProShow 6 today!
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