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Photographer Documents Bittersweet Moments of Dog’s Last Day on Earth

Houston pet owner, Jordan Roberts adopted her dog Dukey 3 years ago after falling in love with his adoption video. Dukey sadly had health issues over the years and after several surgeries and a hard decision, had to be put down on July 7th.

Photographer Robyn Arouty, a family friend of Roberts, documented Dukey’s last day and posted a beautiful tribute in photos and words on her blog that’s been sweeping the nation and tugging at heartstrings. You can see the post in its entirety here.

We are very touched to learn that ProShow was used to make Dukey’s original adoption video and helped Jordan fall in love with the rambunctious lab 3 years ago.

Video made in ProShow.

ProShow is used by shelters and animal rescue organizations around the world to bring awareness to shelter animals and help get them adopted.


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