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Best Songs for a Reunion Slideshow

Music for reunion slideshows

Reunion slideshows are a great way to look back at old photos, bring the past to life and celebrate family gatherings. Whether you’re making a family reunion slideshow, a class reunion slideshow or a military homecoming slideshow, choosing the right music can make or break your presentation.

Be sure and pick songs that work well with the type of show you’re making. Check things like show pacing vs the energy level of your song and make sure they match up. Choose songs that were popular during the year(s) being revisited, in order to help ‘fuel the ride’ down memory lane. Or choose something contemporary that has a flow and lyrics that fit your show.

Below are a few of our top picks for reunion slideshows plus a few tools to help you along the way!

Family Reunion Slideshow Songs

  1. We Are Family by Sister Sledge
  2. Old Man by Neil Young
  3. When I was 17 by Frank Sinatra
  4. It’s a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
  5. I Hope You Dance by LeeAnn Womack

Class Reunion Slideshow Songs

  1. Time of Your Life by Green Day
  2. Graduate by Third Eye Blind
  3. Times Like These by the Foo Fighters
  4. School’s Out by Alice Cooper
  5. Future’s So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades) by Timbuk3

Military Homecoming Slideshow Songs

  1. This Must Be the Place by the Talking Heads
  2. Already There by Lonestar
  3. Coming Home by Chris Daughtry
  4. Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue
  5. My Hometown by Bruce Springsteen

Royalty-Free Reunion Slideshow Songs

If you plan to sell the slideshow you’re making, be sure and choose music that you have the rights to use. Royalty-free tracks are always a good choice because they are pre-cleared and ready for you to use in your show. Below is a list of great, royalty-free tracks for reunion slideshows. Also be sure to check out some of our favorite royalty-free music sites like The Music Bed, Premium Beat, and Shockwave-Sound.

  1. Remembrance Day by Olive Musique
  2. A Sparkling Journey by Alexis Messier
  3. Bright Days by Gentle Fire Studio
  4. Throwback by Chris Hodges
  5. Rockit by Gavin Courtie & Liz Radford

Cool Tool: The Nostalgia Machine

If you’re still at a loss for the perfect song for your reunion slideshow, check out this really cool tool we found called the Nostalgia Machine. Select a year from the drop down box and the website will automatically provide you with a list of that year’s most popular tunes! It’s perfect for picking a few songs from a certain year (great for class reunion slideshows) or selecting something from your parents’ era.

What are some of your favorite songs for reunion slideshows? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



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