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FAQ Fridays: Top ProShow Questions and Answers

DVD vs HD quality
Question #4 covers DVD quality vs HD quality. Click the image to learn more about this topic.

Each Friday we share the top 5 most buzzed about topics and questions about making video slideshows with ProShow. These come directly from ProShow users just like you and are collected by our customer service team each week! Read the round-up below to see what people are curious about this week.

      1. Is it possible to create or edit themes in the ProShow Wizard?
        Yes. To create or edit themes in the Wizard, go to Step 3 and click the ‘Add’ button to create a new theme or the ‘Edit button to modify an existing theme. To learn more regarding this topic, click here.
      2. How do I add more than one show to a DVD or Blu-ray disc?
        To add multiple shows click on the ‘Shows’ tab of the DVD or Blu-ray publishing window followed by the ‘+’ button to load your additional shows. For more information regarding this topic, click here.
      3. The audio from my soundtrack and my video clip do not mesh well, how do I remove (or mute) the audio from the video clip on my slide?
        Double-click the slide containing the video file. Select the video layer on the left, and then select the Layer Settings tab to view the video clip settings for your video. There you can set your video clip’s volume to 0%. To learn more on this topic, click here.
      4. Why do my DVDs look fuzzy when playing on my HDTV?
        DVD quality is considered standard definition. The standard resolution of a DVD is 720×480. This resolution is significantly lower than the resolution of your HDTV. If you are concerned about the quality of DVD, we suggest trying one of our HD publishing options in ProShow like Blu-ray or an HD video file. For more information on this topic, click here.
      5. I’ve accidentally closed my slide list in ProShow and no longer see my slides across the bottom, how do I get this back?
        To restore the default window layout in ProShow, click Window from the menu bar at the top and select Default Window Layout. This should bring back the slide list and any other windows that might have been closed down in the main interface of ProShow. For more information on restoring the default window layout, click here.


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