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The Great American Coastline Project

The Great American Coastline Project

Award-winning photographer and ProShow user Gareth Rockliffe is on a photographic quest to capture the soulful beauty, diversity and majesty of America’s coastline, starting with the Pacific Coast. To fund his journey, he’s started a KickStarter campaign that offers up some really unique rewards for backers.

His goal is to spend time exploring, photographing and capturing as much of the American coastline as possible, becoming completely absorbed in what lies before his lens. Gareth is offering backers of his KickStarter campaign limited edition fine art wall prints, an awe-inspiring hardcover coffee table book, and a Videàge® DVD, his technique for choreographing his best still images with audio and video.

Gareth creates his Videàge® DVDs with ProShow Producer because the software allows him to blend his photographs, video clips and audio together to bring broader meaning to the visual imagery.

To learn more about the Great American Coastline Project, watch the video above and visit the KickStarter page here.


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