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Happy National Small Business week and a big high-five to all the small businesses around the world that use ProShow to make professional videos to promote, market and grow their business.

Video has become an essential marketing tool with its ability to convey far more meaning than any one image alone. Online retailers have found that customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching it featured in a video . According to Google, using video in your website may also improve your search engine ranking. Videos are also great for keeping blogs, websites and Facebook fan pages fresh with new (shareable) content.

We rounded up some of our favorite small business videos below that were made with ProShow. Take a look and share your own video in the comments! We love seeing all the creative ways you use ProShow.

Spotlight on Business Videos

See how these business owners use ProShow to make professional video slideshows to promote their products and services.

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Still images and short video clips are transformed into an emotionalizing, cinematic story when combined with the right music and a little motion. ProShow makes creating a video to promote your business easy.

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