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Make a Graduation Slideshow Fast with Free ProShow Instant Effects

Make a graduation slideshow with ProShow

Do you have a son or daughter, friend or loved one graduating soon? Graduation is a wonderful and exciting time in a young person’s life. Many people make graduation slideshows to commemorate the occasion, showcasing the graduate’s life and milestones in photos and videos to share with friends and family at a graduation party or online.

ProShow is the perfect tool for making a graduation slideshow. You can easily mix photos, videos and music together into a heart-felt slideshow that everyone will enjoy watching.

If you’re making a slideshow for your graduate, try using some of these great effects to add style and polish to your video. Download our free graduation caps transition and check out our round-up of the top 10 effects that are perfect for graduation slideshows!

Free Graduation Cap Transition

Download Free Graduation Cap Transition

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ProShow Web users will be able to use these effects in the FX dialog.

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Top 10 Graduation Slideshow Effects

Looking for some great animated effects to make your graduation slideshows extra special? Check out our top 10 favorite effects for graduation slideshows below!

Portrait Exposition

Great for showcasing a montage of school portraits. Available in StylePack 3.

Wall Scroll

Display your graduate’s photos in a chronological order with the Wall Scroll effect. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Photo Mobile

Photo Mobile effect for ProShow
Make your photos look like a moving mobile! Great for an intro slide. Available in StylePack 3.

Diamond Reveal

Using images from Instagram? This effect works great for square images and will add some serious style to your graduation slideshows. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Diagonal Edge

Diagonal Edge effect for ProShow
Use this for an edgy look that is perfect for showcasing photos of extracurricular activity shots (band / sports / drill team, etc) Available in Effects Pack 6.

Title Picture Grid

The perfect intro slide that combines a selection of photos and text. Available in StylePack 2.


Star Bound transition effect for ProShow
This transition effect is great for symbolizing success, achievement & progress. Available in Transition Pack 2.

Sports & Action Effects Pack

The Sports & Action Effects Pack for ProShow is the perfect slideshow supplement for sports, band, orchestra, drill team and theatre portraits.

Text Layer Year Title

Popular title option for graduations, highlighting the significance of a particular year. Available as a free, built-in effect in ProShow Producer 6.

Timeline Effects

Timeline effects for ProShow
The free Timeline Effects are perfect for captioning photos and videos chronologically in your slideshows.

Got the right tool to build your slideshow?

Planning to make a graduation or senior portrait slideshow? With ProShow, it literally takes just minutes to make a beautiful video slideshows using the automated wizard and instant effects. Upgrade or download a free trial of ProShow 6 today!

Make a graduation slideshow.

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