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Wedding Photography Spotlight: Tony Fitzgerald Photography

Tony Fitzgerald Photography

Santa Cruz, California based wedding photographers, Tony Fitzgerald and Lisa LeCoump, have built a business around creating video slideshows for their wedding clients. Read below to learn how ProShow is helping to set them apart from the competition and build buzz about their business.

The Wedding Industry Today

“At most weddings today, it seems like everyone has a camera, and often the pictures taken by friends are on Facebook before the wedding is even over. Many couples today are looking for far more than just a series of snapshots. Traditionally, a professional photographer photographs the wedding and provides the couple with gorgeous photos, but it is weeks before they are available, and they are delivered chronologically in a sterile gallery, with often hundreds of photos. Sometimes an album is created, but it may be months before the album is available and not everyone gets to see the album.

Professional Video Slideshows = Quick Turnaround

Instead, we deliver a collection of the best photos in a curated professional slide show video that is both creative and unique. We use ProShow Producer to create the slideshow because it allows us so much creative freedom. The slideshow is done in storybook form starting with the bride and groom getting ready and then showing the wedding and the reception. It allows us to highlight the very special moments as they happened.

The slideshow provides the couple with a very quick alternative to a wedding album, within days of the wedding while everyone is still interested and sharing photos. It is easily posted to social media, and many couples are using it as their photo album. We grant printing rights so the couple can legally post the photos to Facebook, Twitter and a personal website or create an album or anything else as a DIY project. The couple’s friends immediately start posting comments and sharing the slideshow!

Setting Themselves Apart

Additionally, we are certified Green by the County of Santa Cruz and the Monterrey Bay Area Green Business Program (and I believe we are the only local photographer that is). This is something that is important to couples today as well as to us, and the slideshow helps us to stay green by allowing the pictures to be shared electronically. We think this is a whole new paradigm in wedding photography, and ProShow Producer is allowing us to do it!”

– Lisa LeCoump

Watch a Sample Wedding Video:

Video made in ProShow Producer featuring effects from StylePack Weddings.


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