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Tips for Migrating ProShow Slideshows to a New Computer

Tips for migrating your ProShow slideshows to a new computer.

Let’s say you just upgraded to a shiny new computer. First of all, congrats! Upgrading to a new system has many benefits, more processing power for your photo and video editing applications, more memory to handle multiple tasks at a time (i.e. running more than one program) and of course more storage space to save all of your content and slideshow projects for ProShow.

But, the big question is how do you get your copy of ProShow and all your slideshows from your old system to your new one? Check out this article in the Photodex Knowledge Base that explains, step-by-step how to migrate your slideshows to a new computer. You’ll learn how to succesfully migrate your copy of ProShow and all of your shows to your new system, headache free!

And, don’t forget we’ve got reps standing by if you need help with anything ProShow related. Give us a call or email us. We love hearing from you!


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