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The Ultimate Guide to Masking in ProShow Producer

The Definitive Guide to Masking in ProShow Producer

Masking is one of those powerful tools in ProShow Producer that lets you create some truly spectacular special effects in your videos. If you’re looking for some help getting started or are ready for some advanced techniques, look no further! We’ve rounded up the top training videos, articles and inspiring videos featuring masking in-action below!

Masking Training Videos + Articles

  1. Intro to Masking in ProShow Producer: This video gives you a great overview of using masks in Producer and you’ll step through a simple masking example to get started.
  2. Intermediate Masking in ProShow Producer: In this video you’ll learn how to create a transparency mask using different shapes for spectacular results.
  3. Advanced Masking in ProShow Producer: Learn how to combine masking and keyframing to create advanced animated effects in your shows.
  4. Use a Text Layer as a Mask in ProShow Producer 6: Learn how to create a really unique text layer mask to use for intro slides, word montages and slick dividers.
  5. ProShow Producer Manual: The ProShow Producer manual covers masking in great detail and it’s free to access as a PDF download. Starting on page 399 you’ll find the chapter on Masking.

Masking Examples In-Action

  1. Urban Photographer of the Year: Watch the beginning of this video to see a cool masking technique at about the 19 second mark. A text layer is used like a stencil to reveal images below.
  2. Curious Critters – A Picture Book for All Ages: Producer’s masking feature allowed the designers of this video to create a playful intro using a circle mask to reveal the ‘critters’ featured in this picture book.
  3. ProShow Producer 6 Demo Video: Scattered throughout this inspiring video are great examples of masking in-action. You’ll see a few right off the bat with paint brush strokes acting as masks!


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