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Make a Stop Motion Video with your Photo Booth Images

Make a stop motion video from your photo booth images.

Photo booths are becoming a huge part of the event photography business and many photographers are adding them to their roster of services because of their popularity. Weddings, corporate events, art openings, social affairs and more are hiring photographers to set up live photo booths. Why? Photo booths are an interactive and fun activity that all guests enjoy participating in. Besides, who can resist getting their picture snapped wearing oversized glasses and a mustache?

However it is that you monetize your photo booth services, try making a cool, stop-motion video from all the photo booth images to use as a marketing tool and to get guests from each event excited about seeing their images! (see the sample below!)

A video makes it easy to post all the photos from the event at one time on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter…and it has the potential to go viral. With a catchy tune and cool stop-motion look, everyone that attended the event will watch to see a glimpse of their photo in the video. You’ll get more views of your work and clicks back to your website!

Here’s how to put together a cool, stop-motion video from your photo booth images.

  1. Using a photo + video slideshow tool like ProShow, import all your photos from the event and add them to your new show. TIP: Try and keep them in the order they were taken so the stop-motion on the screen looks fluid.
  2. You want all your photos to be the same size in each frame. Select all your slides and choose a ‘Fit to Frame’ or ‘Fill Frame’ option so all images in your show are the same size and in the same place on the screen and the only thing that ‘moves’ in your show are the subjects getting their photos taken. This is what creates the stop-motion look.
  3. With all your slides selected, change the slide times to ‘0.2’ seconds and change your transitions to ‘0’ second cuts. This will make each photo quickly appear on the screen and move onto the next.
  4. Add a catchy, up-beat tune and preview your show. You can always make your slide times shorter or longer by adding time or removing time from your slides.
  5. Try adding a watermark to your show so that everyone that watches your video knows your name. Include a link to your site at the end of your video too.

Ana & Dan & The Photo Booth by James Moes (Watch out for the shrubs!)

Making a stop-motion video from your photo booth images is easy with a tool like ProShow. Download a free trial today and try it out for yourself.


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