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How Photographer and Educator Kevin Gourley Uses ProShow

Austin-based photographer and educator, Kevin Gourley, teaches destination and local photography workshops year-round. To help fill the seats in his classes, Kevin uses ProShow to create videos to promote his workshops and inspire his students.

The combination of moving images, music and effects gets everyone excited about the workshops and allows them to see what it would be like to actually attend one themselves. The videos also serve as a great source of inspiration for his students and allow Kevin to showcase his work in a dynamic way.

Online video can be a powerful marketing tool for small businesses and ProShow makes it easy to create a professional video. “My favorite software for creating photographic slideshows is ProShow Producer. It is a very powerful, well designed program and I recommend it to all of my students,” says Kevin.

The video above was made in ProShow Producer to promote Kevin’s upcoming Rocky Mountain Photography Workshop. You can see a full list of his upcoming workshops on his site.

Have you ever used ProShow to create a promotional video for an event? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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As a member of Photodex's events team, Dylan specializes in teaching pro photographers and slideshow hobbyists alike how to use ProShow in their business. He's an avid student of photography and enjoys Austin's eclectic mix of music, art and nature.