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Using Freeze Motion Between Keyframes in ProShow Producer 6

Using freeze motion between keyframes in ProShow Producer 6.

If you create your own animated effects in ProShow Producer, then the new Freeze Motion feature available in Version 6 will become your new best friend!

Freeze motion allows you to maintain a static setting between keyframes automatically, instead of having to manually copy settings from one keyframe to the next in order to maintain a ‘paused’ or ‘stopped’ look on the screen.

Effect designers use pauses in motion in nearly all their effects. For example, imagine a photo slowly panning from left to right on the screen. In order for your audience to fully retain the image, a short pause of motion is normally applied when the image hits a certain point on the screen. Creating that pause in ProShow Producer 6 is as simple as right-clicking on a keyframe and selecting ‘Pause Motion‘.

Producer will automatically copy all motion settings to the next keyframe in your series or create a new keyframe to automatically pause your layer on your slide. You can also right-click anywhere on the keyframe timeline and select the option for ‘Pause Motion Until Here‘. This will insert a new keyframe with your motion paused at the exact point where you clicked on the keyframe timeline. A great way to add a very precise pause in your show.

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