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Make a Holiday eCard for Clients, No Printing Required

Make a Holiday E-Card with ProShow

Photographer Carol Schlintz works with clients year-round to capture the best moments of their life. Weddings, portraits and even sports events are all in her repertoire.

When it comes to the holidays, this year she’s ditching the paper print and going for a new approach. Carol is creating video e-cards to present to her clients. Using ProShow Web, Carol can easily combine a mix of photos, video clips and music into one final video. She uses images she shot for clients throughout the year and turns them into a brand new product.

‘I can make more profit out of a session I’ve already shot,’ says Carol. ‘I already know they like the images, due to the fact that they were the pictures they picked. Now those same photos can be used in new way that becomes a revenue stream for me around the holidays.’

Carol uses the videos as a final product to sell to clients, an incentive piece for clients to purchase a larger order and just as a ‘Thank You’ to make clients feel appreciated. Videos can easily be emailed, burned to DVD/ Blu-ray or delivered as an HD download. Watch one of her videos below.

Have you used ProShow to create a video for clients around the holidays? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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