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Learn How to Create an Unbranded Video in ProShow Web

As a Premium ProShow Web subscriber, all content that you create is un-branded. You won’t see any watermarks or ProShow Web branding at the end of your videos.

You can take this a step further by creating an un-branded watch page for your viewers. This will allow you to share your ProShow Web videos on our site on a customized page with no ProShow Web branding. In fact, you can control the background color, image, add a link back to your site and more.

Watch the video above to learn how this is done. You’ll find all the settings under Settings > Edit ProShow Web Settings > Unbranded Watch Page Link/ Color/ Background.


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As a member of Photodex's events team, Dylan specializes in teaching pro photographers and slideshow hobbyists alike how to use ProShow in their business. He's an avid student of photography and enjoys Austin's eclectic mix of music, art and nature.