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Daily Archives: November 12, 2013

The Psychology of Font Choices

 (infographic via the daily egg)

We’ve talked before about how to spruce-up text and titles in your slideshows in this article on our blog. But, your choice of font in a slideshow can also have a big impact on your audience. We recently came across this useful article that explains the psychology of font choices and which fonts you should be using to pull the right emotions from your audience.

For example, Times New Roman is seen as traditional and a font like Century Gothic is seen as chic and modern. Futura is seen as strong where Edwardian Script is seen as affectionate.

Read the full article here and check out some of our favorite free sources for fonts below!

Where to Find Cool, Free Fonts

For free fonts in just about any style you can imagine — from funky, to retro, to cute, to fancy, the following sites are our top picks for offering the most depth and variety:

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