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New Zero Motion FX in ProShow Web

Zero Motion FX for ProShow Web

Need a slide to stay still – that is, just display without animation? We’ve added a new set of ‘Zero Motion’ effects in ProShow Web, perfect for times when you need just the basics. You might find it handy to apply the zero motion effects to a logo or graphic you want to start or end your show with, or for a video clip in your show that you want to display full screen without any special effects. You can also use the zero motion effects to create cool stop-motion videos (see below):

To use the Zero Motion effects:

  • Select a photo or video in your slideshow, then click the ‘FX effects’ button.
  • In the categories section on the left, click on ‘Single Photo or Video’ under the Type option.
  • Effects are listed alphabetically, so scroll to the bottom until you see the Zero Motion set.
  • Here you can preview each one and hit the ‘Apply Effect’ button to use the effect on your selected piece of content. (Remember: You can select a range of slides to apply effects to large groups of content all at once!)
  • Tip – Zero Motion effects come in Fill Frame, Fit Frame and Fit Margin versions. Each version proportionally sizes your content (photo/video) differently:
    • Fill Frame ensures that all 4 sides of the image fill the 16:9 screen, leaving no visible edges. This works best for landscape-orientation and may not be ideal for portrait or square images.
    • Fit Frame sizes your content so that either the width or height of the image (whichever is longer) extends to the boundaries of the screen. This is a good choice for portrait images or square images, in that it ensures nothing will get cropped off the top or bottom. You can select a dark or light version to set the visible background color.
    • Fit Margin sizes your image down to fit inside 85% of the screen area, leaving a comfortable margin around the sides. For this option, you can also select a dark or light version to set the visible background color.

Sample Stop-Motion Video Using Zero Motion FX:
In the video below, each photo has a zero motion effect applied to it with ‘0.1’ slide time and ‘0.02’ CUT transition time. The result? A cool, stop-motion video made from about 300 images by photographer Jack Hollingsworth.

(made with ProShow Web)

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