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Free Vector Maps for your Vacation and Travel Slideshows

Free Vector Maps

We recently came across the site, that offers beautiful, detailed maps for designers. You can get maps for specific states, countries, or entire continents & regions for free (with attribution). If you want to skip the attribution, just pay $5.

This is a handy resource for travel slideshows and historical documentary shows. Just search for the state, country or region you’re after and you’ll get a ton of great results.

Ideas for using maps in your video slideshows:

  • For basic users, a little bit of simple zoom action on a map does wonders for a vacation or travel show introduction. No advanced stuff needed.
  • To get a little more advanced, try using a solid color state or country map as a mask or background layer to form a contained shape area for text or photos.
  • For advanced users, you can create the growing flight-path effect from one map marker to the next using either masking or layer transitions.

Check out this video tutorial where we use a solid color state map to create a neat masking effect in ProShow Producer!


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