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Free Fall Effects for ProShow

Fall is here and what better way to add some seasonal flair to your slideshows than with these falling leaves effects. This set was originally offered as part of our reunions promotion, but are the perfect complement for your fall or nature-themed slideshows. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, now’s your chance!

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button-small-downloadHeritage Tree

button-small-downloadFalling Leaves

ProShow Producer users, you can change up the normally green ‘Heritage Tree’ title slide to any color you’d like. Below you’ll see examples of sepia, yellow and black + white. To colorize your own ‘Heritage Tree’ effect, follow the steps below.

Use the colorize option to add a custom color to this effect.

  1. Get the free effects and apply the ‘Heritage Tree’ slide style to any slide in a slideshow.
  2. Click on the first layer ‘Ornamental Leaves’ and then click on the Adjustments tab.
  3. On the right side of the screen click on the colorize option, then select a brown or orange color (from the color picker) to produce a sepia tone. Then hit OK. (Hint: We used the RGB values 245 / 166 / 89).
  4. When you play your slide back, the ‘Ornamental Leaves’ will now be a new, sepia color.
  5. Follow the same process for the ‘Tree Background’ layer. Feel free to adjust to any color you like to match the content of your slideshow.
  6. Last step is to update the text color. Click on the caption then click the colorize option to change the color to better match your new background color.

That’s it! You can colorize this effect any way you’d like. You can then save your new colorized effect as a custom slide style to use again and again. Check out this article and how-to video on creating your own custom slide styles in our Knowledge Base.





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