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Create a Flickering Lightning Effect in ProShow Producer

Using a combination of adjustment layers and modifiers, you can create a realistic ‘lightning’ effect in ProShow Producer that’s perfect for your Halloween shows! The effect can be used to cast a flickering light on any photo or video in your slideshow — perfect for simulating lightning or spooky candlelight. Follow the steps below to set this up in your own show.

  1. Add a photo to the Slide List and double-click to open the Slide Options dialog.
  2. In the layers list, click the (+) symbol and choose the option to ‘Add Adjustment Layer’ and choose ‘Solid Color’.
  3. Use white as your solid color adjustment layer and click OK.
  4. With your adjustment layer selected, click on the Effects tab.
  5. On the right side of the screen under the ‘Adjustments’ options, right-click on the White Point slider bar.
  6. Select the option for ‘Add Modifier’.
  7. In the Modifier dialog, click the option for ‘Amount from Function’ and then select ‘Sawtooth Wave’ from the drop down box.
  8. Set the Frequency to 110hz to 120hz and you should see a green waveform similar to the screenshot below.
  9. Click OK and preview your slide. You should have a cool, flickering lightning effect on your photo!

Create a lightning bolt effect in your slideshow.

You can change the pace of the flickering by increasing or decreasing the frequency of the wave (just type in a number higher or lower than the 120hz). Repeat these steps for any other slides in your show or turn this into a custom slide style to re-use again and again.


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