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An Introduction to Masking in ProShow Producer

Masking gives you access to some of the best effects you can create with ProShow Producer, allowing you to combine images together to create visual arrangements that are impossible otherwise.

In ProShow Producer, as in many image editing programs, a Mask is a layer that conceals and reveals parts of underlying layers. In the same way that a stencil masks out part of an underlying surface, a Mask blocks certain parts of what lies beneath it. This video gives you a great overview of using masks in Producer and we go through a simple masking example together.

Stay tuned for two more masking videos coming in the next few weeks that get a little more advanced and creative!


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Nate is a member of the Photodex training team and helps develop tutorial videos for ProShow. He is a former pro basketball player who enjoys painting, playing golf, and living in Austin with his wife Audrey.