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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Next Bridal Show

5 tips for making the most out of your next bridal show.

Bridal shows are a great way to get your name out to a ton of new brides-to-be, but in a trade show setting how do you grab attention and attract potential customers to your booth?

We sat down with photographer and ProShow Producer user Cristina Rijskamp to get 5 great tips on making the most of your next bridal show. Read below!

  1. At a bridal show there’s so much going on and tons of vendors to see. Brides can be overwhelmed by all the eye candy! Your goal should be to stand out in a busy room and attract as much attention as you can to your work. Have large prints made and displayed on your booth’s walls. Don’t make people crowd around a few small albums. Large, hanging prints give passers by a quick, visual snapshot of your work.
  2. While it might be tempting, don’t share a booth with another vendor to cut costs. I shared a booth with a friend of mine who was a wedding cake designer once. People didn’t really notice me over all those beautiful cakes! Have your own booth. It doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to be functional and attractive.
  3. Showcase your best shots in a video slideshow that you loop on a large flat screen TV (watch a video I created for my last bridal show below). At my first bridal show, I was the only photographer mixing videos and photos, and that got the attention of brides who stopped to talk and ask information. A moving, dynamic video really catches a bride’s eye and makes you stand out. Bring or rent a large flat screen TV to play your video. Don’t try and showcase your work on a small laptop screen!
  4. Handout business cards and collect potential customer’s information. Brides walk away from these events with hundreds of cards, flyers and brochures. Have a simple contact form that a bride can quickly write her name and email address down on. Then follow up with a nice, personal email and thank them for stopping by your booth, include your website URL and any other information you’d like.
  5. Take advantage of the networking opportunity. This is your chance to meet and connect with other professionals in the wedding industry like bridal gown makers, floral designers, etc… You never know when a connection like this will come in handy!

Video by Cristina Rijskamp. Made in ProShow Producer.

Cristina Rijskamp is a Brazilian living in Finland and she’s been working as a photographer since beginning of 2010. Simply put, she photographs people… families, kids, social events, weddings, parties, etc. Visit her website at

What are some of your tips? We’d love to here from you in the comments below.


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