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Daily Archives: October 17, 2013

Setting a Custom Poster Image for your Videos in ProShow Web

In ProShow Web, a poster image is the image that shows up when a video is stopped (see the video below). By default, the first photo in your show is used as your poster image but you can set a custom poster image and use whatever photo you’d like.

To set a custom poster image in ProShow Web, open your show and in the bottom right corner of the screen click the green ‘Settings’ button. Under the ‘Poster’ settings. click the blue ‘change poster’ link to choose a new photo to serve as your poster image. It can be any JPEG you’d like. Once the new poster image is set, it will be used anywhere your show is stopped and will serve as the new thumbnail for your show.

Set a custom poster image for your ProShow Web videos.

Tips for Choosing a Great Poster Image:

  • By default, a ‘play’ icon is placed in the middle of your video. Try and avoid using photos that have important visually elements in the middle of the image, they may be covered by the play icon.
  • Use a landscape photo rather than a portrait oriented photo for your poster image. ProShow Web will fill the screen area with your image, so parts of your image can be cut off if you’re using a vertical image.
  • Choose an image that helps define what your video is all about. The video above is about Gray Whales, so we used a photo that helps represent that clearly as our poster image.