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Using Layer Outlines in ProShow 5

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Today’s guest post comes from ProShow Producer expert, Dale Fenimore.

Layer outlines are useful for a variety of reasons in ProShow. In general though, outlines add some contrast to an otherwise borderless image, making it easier to view.

Using ProShow Gold, you can add a simple outline to any layer in your show and change the outline’s color. In Slide Options, select a layer, click on the Adjustments tab and click the check box next to Outline. You can adjust the color and toggle the outline on or off.

ProShow Producer takes layer outlines a step further and offers multiple ways to create an outline around a layer: the outline feature, vignette feature, and manually creating an outline.

Outline Feature

Using the outline feature, ProShow Producer provides you with five outline widths and the ability to set the outline’s color. To access the outline feature, open Slide Options. Select a layer and then select the Adjustments Tab. The outline feature is located under the Editing Tools section. There you can set the outline color and size.

Creating an Outline Using the Vignette Feature

ProShow Producer can create an ‘outline’ via a vignette. This applies a color over the inside layer edges. To access the Vignette feature, open Slide Options. Select a layer , then select the Adjustments Tab. The Vignette Feature is located under Editing Tools. Click the Vignette checkbox and then click on the Vignette button to  open the Vignette dialog.

Using a vignette as an outline.

To create an ‘outline’, under the Vignette Type, set the Type to Solid Color (then select the desired color).  Under the Vignette Options, set the Vignette Size, to a size of 0 to 100%. Select Solid borders and Fill corners. Leave both  Border Size and Corner Size at a setting of 0. If Solid Borders are not selected, the border will start out as a solid color at the outside edge and fade to transparent at the width specified by the Vignette Size. If Fill corners is not selected, the ‘outline’ will have rounded corners.

Manually Created Outlines

Since ProShow Producer lets you add or duplicate layers, it is fairly easy to create a layer that has the same aspect and size as the layer for which you want to create a border. Using multiple layers and a mask, you can create some really unique, custom outlines in ProShow Producer. To learn how this is done and see examples of this creative technique, check out the rest of this article on my blog >


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