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ProShow Web: Top 5 Features for Pros

Watermarking, custom themes and HD output are a few of the awesome features available to Premium ProShow Web subscribers. Watch this video to see the top 5 features for pros and how to use them effectively in your video slideshows.

  1. Custom Themes: Create custom themes that use only effects you choose. A great timesaver for batch-creating shows with one consistent look. Simply click the ‘New Theme’ option and start creating your custom theme.
  2. Watermarking: Add a custom watermark to your slideshow. Use a PNG file with a transparent background for best results. Your watermark will show up in the bottom right corner of each slide in your show providing you added protection when sharing your videos online.
  3. Call to Action Links: Add a link to the end of your slideshow to drive traffic back to your website or blog. Simply enter any URL and it will appear at the end of your video or anytime the video is paused.
  4. Custom Watch Pages: Create a custom watch page for the videos you share on Adjust the page background color or use a background image and add a URL to get people to click through to your blog or website.
  5. HD Output: Create and share all your slideshows in beautiful 1080p HD video. Share online, download HD videos files to your computer or download and burn Blu-ray ISO files for clients.

Learn more about the perks of a Premium ProShow Web account here >


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Nate is a member of the Photodex training team and helps develop tutorial videos for ProShow. He is a former pro basketball player who enjoys painting, playing golf, and living in Austin with his wife Audrey.