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Show of the Week: Camp Hess Kramer

Photographer Joe Dovala was asked to document this year’s activities at Camp Hess Kramer, an annual camp for children with hearing loss. Take a look at the wonderful video Joe put together in ProShow Producer. The mix of videos, voice-overs and stills does a terrific job of documenting the weekend-long event and is being used as a tool for the institute’s supporters.

Want to learn how to add a voice-over to a slideshow in ProShow? Click here for a step-by-step article and training video.

About Camp Hess Kramer
Pediatric hearing loss can pose unique challenges for all members of the family. Often children and parents feel alone in their experiences. House Research Institute’s Annual Family Camp provides a safe, relaxing, and social setting for both kids and parents to connect with other families faced with similar issues surrounding pediatric hearing loss. It is a place to discover new ideas, strengthen family bonds, develop new friendships and a sense of personal achievement.

About Joe Dovala
Joe started blowing bubbles in 1967, at the age of ten, when his father rented a two-hose regulator and tank from a gas station/dive shop in the small town of Yucaipa, CA. The influence of Sea Hunt’s Mike Nelson and The Silent World of Jacques Cousteau were just too much to ignore. Over the years he’s been involved with many types of diving, including instruction, research, and technical sport diving. Somewhere along the line the idea of taking expensive cameras and immersing them in saltwater seemed like a good idea. Joe’s been professionally making images and writing since 1999, both below and above the waves. Since the advent of the HDSLR, Joe has broadened his artistic repertoire to combine both video and stills into multi-media “films.”

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