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Another 10 Great Free Songs for your Slideshows from the Vimeo Music Store

free songs for slideshows

Vimeo is a great place to share your video slideshows online, but did you know they also have a music library with thousands of songs available for download? It’s a great resource for slideshow creators, but with close to 50,000 tracks in their library, finding great tunes to match your videos can be a bit tricky.

So, we did some digging and found 10 great, free tracks you can download and use in your slideshows. This is the third installment of our round-up of free song picks from the Vimeo Music store. (see the first installment here and the second here).

These tracks are available for use in personal projects under their Creative Commons license. Hope you enjoy these tunes!

  1. Be Free by Derek Clogg: Upbeat, pop song with a great message.
  2. Quirky Little Love Song by Derek Clogg: A great track for an engagement or wedding video.
  3. Pause by Jahzzar: Easy going, folk song.
  4. Bicycle Waltz by Goodbye Kumiko: Quirky little nostalgic tune.
  5. Baile Muderno by Chico Correa and Electronic Band: Upbeat, Brazilian track that translates to ‘Modern Dance’ in English.
  6. Words by Jason Shaw: Acoustic guitar track with a nice vibe.
  7. Green Leaves by Jason Shaw: Another great acoustic guitar track.
  8. Live in a Dream by Andy Wagner: Rock/ pop track with a great vocal.
  9. Indy Eyes by Mimi Sun: Quirky little ukulele piece with a female vocal.
  10. As I Figure by Kevin MacLeod: Latin, acoustic guitar track with a jazzy vibe.

If you’re looking to license music for a commercial piece, check out our round-up of favorite licensing sites below!

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