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5 Beautiful Ways to Present a Slideshow at a Wedding Reception

Over the years, it has become a popular and entertaining tradition for couples to play a slideshow at their wedding reception or engagement party. It’s a wonderful way to show how two lives have come together as one.

Whether you’re a photographer creating a slideshow for a client or a bride creating your own video, you’ll want to consider how to present the slideshow at your event. Will you project it on a wall or screen? Maybe you’ll have a digital frame on the bride and groom’s table? Below are some beautiful ways to present a slideshow at a wedding reception or engagement party that the guests will love!

Projecting a slideshow at a wedding reception
Hang a white sheet on the side of a building or structure to project a slideshow of the bride and groom. Photo by Bwright Photography.

Add a frame on an iPad and place on the bride and groom's table at the reception.
Add a frame to an iPad and place this at the bride and groom’s table or use it in your studio to make potential clients swoon! Frame by the folks at Organic Bloom and comes in a ton of colors. Photo by Karen Stott.

Project a slideshow on the ceiling of a tent.
Project a slideshow on the ceiling of a tent. Make sure the lighting is right, you may need to wait until it’s dark outside. Photo by Morgan Trinker.

Project a slideshow at a wedding reception.
An outdoor event calls for a sturdy projection screen. Make sure it’s tall enough for all the guests to see. Photo by Jessamyn Harris Photography.

Project a slideshow at in indoor wedding reception
A classic way to present a slideshow at an indoor reception is on a built-in projection screen (typically provided by the venue). Work with the AV techs to make sure everything is ready to roll when it’s time to hit play. You’ll have all the guest’s attention! Photo by Luster Studios.

Need tips on how to project your slideshow? Check out this helpful article that explains the technical ins and outs of projecting a slideshow at a live event.

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