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Create a Stop-Motion Animated Sequence in ProShow

Create a stop motion animated sequence in ProShow

Have you ever wanted to create a stop-motion or rapid-paced photo sequence in a slideshow you’re working on? It’s easy to do in ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web. Here’s how!

  1. Add your photos to your slideshow in the order you’d like them to appear and give them a ‘0’ second slide time.
  2. Add cut transitions between each photo with a ‘.05’ transition time (HINT: Feel free to play around with the time, a shorter transition will create a faster effect).
  3. Now hit play to preview your work. You’ll instantly have a fast-paced, stop-motion sequence effect in your show.

TIME SAVING TIP: To apply the same time to all slides and transitions in your show, click on one slide in your Slide List, then hit CONTROL + A on your keyboard. This will select all your content. Change the timing for one slide or transition and then hit enter. This will change the time for all your slides and transitions globally, since all slides are selected.

This technique is great for time-lapse videos or adding a fast-paced sequence to any video slideshow.

Stop-Motion Animation Video Examples:

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