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How to Mute a Video Clip in ProShow

Sometimes when using a video clip in your ProShow slideshows, you may only want the visuals from the video to appear and not the audio. In essence, you want to mute your video clip’s audio so that just your show’s soundtrack plays.

This technique is used by many show creators and photographers when mixing in video clips between a series of photos. A great example can be seen here in this ProShow Producer slideshow.

To do this in ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, double-click on the slide that contains your video to bring up the Slide Options dialog. Now, click on your video layer on the left, go to Layer Settings > Video Settings and lower the video clip volume to 0%. This will mute your video so that your slideshow’s soundtrack plays and you won’t hear the video clip’s audio.

How to Mute Audio in Video Clips

If you’re using ProShow Web, upload your video clip and make sure it’s selected. Towards the bottom right of the screen you’ll see a series of buttons next to the video preview. Select the button for ‘Mute’ and your video clip will be muted when it plays back in your slideshow.

Mute video in your ProShow Web slideshows

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