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5 Tips for Using Watermarks in ProShow Producer Slideshows

5 Tips for Using Watermarks

Adding a watermark across your photo + video slideshows is a great way to add an extra level of protection to your images when sharing them online. Check out these tips for adding watermarks to your ProShow Producer slideshows.

  1. In Producer, a watermark is a single image added as an overlay throughout the entirety of your slideshow. It will appear on each slide you have in your show in the same position, and with the same settings that you specify for it.
  2. We recommend using a PNG image file as your watermark. PNG files display transparent portions of your image, so when added to your slideshow just the logo or shape of your watermark shows up, not the background. Learn how to create a PNG image with a transparent background here >>
    Tips for using watermarks in your ProShow Producer slideshows.
  3. To add a watermark to your slideshow in ProShow Producer, go to the Publish workspace and click the Watermark button in the top toolbar. In the top right corner of the dialog, click the browse button to upload your PNG watermark file. Your watermark will now be applied to all slides in your show. (Click here to watch a step-by-step video that shows you how to add a watermark to your slideshow.)
  4. Once you’ve added a watermark you can configure the appearance of it by dragging or using your mouse wheel in the Preview pane, or by changing the options found in the Position and Size, Adjustments and Editing Tools panes.
  5. Do you have a particular slide you don’t want the watermark to show up on? (Maybe the title slide or credits slide.) Double-click on the slide you’d like to remove the watermark from, then click on ‘Slide [#] Settings’ in the top left corner to access the Slide Settings tab. In the bottom left of the dialog click the check box next to ‘Hide Watermark’ and it will be hidden from just that slide in your show.

Do you use watermarks in your slideshows? We want to hear from you!

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