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Daily Archives: May 16, 2013

Trimming Audio Tracks in ProShow Slideshows

Trimming audio tracks in ProShow

Editing an audio track in a ProShow slideshow is easy to do using the built-in Audio Trimmer. To trim your music, click on ‘Audio’ on the top toolbar in either ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer and select ‘Manage Soundtracks’ from the drop down list. Now select the music track you would like to trim and then click on the ‘Edit Fades and Timing’ button.

Remember that Proshow makes non-destructive edits, meaning any changes you make to your audio within Proshow, will not affect your original audio file. So you could in theory take a song that is 3 minutes and then trim the audio in Proshow to only use the first minute of the song, while not affecting the original file in anyway.

Edit Fades and Timing in your Song

By going to ‘Edit Fades and Timing’ from your Soundtrack options, you will see a window like the one shown above. The wave form you see here is the audio file you’re using, displayed in a graphical manner.

Remove Unwanted Sections from your Song

Let’s say you have a song with a long instrumental introduction, but you don’t want to use that part of the song in your slideshow. This is where trimming comes in handy. Simply type in a new ‘Start Time’ for your audio track and it will begin playing at that time. You can also click and drag the small triangle next to your song’s waveform to the place where you’d like your track to begin.

ProShow also lets you set a fade-in for your track so it starts off low and slowly fades in. Click and drag the small square next to the wave form and move it to the right to set your audio fade-in.

Remove Unwanted Silence from your Song

In some cases, an audio track may have 10-20 seconds of un-wanted silence at the end of the song. To remove this portion of the track, simply type in a new ‘End Time’ and the song will stop playing at that point. You can also use the slider bars mentioned above to trim your track and set a fade-out.