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Getting Started with ProShow: 6 Great Tips for Beginners

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Just getting started with ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer? We rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions by newbies and provided some helpful answers. Check out these 6 great tips to help you make the most of using the software.

  1. Using the Wizard: If you’re new to ProShow, using the Wizard is an easy and quick way to get a slideshow created in just a few minutes. You simply add your photos, video clips, text and soundtrack, then pick a theme, set an energy level and the wizard will automatically generate your slideshow. In seconds you’ll have a finished slideshow preview that you can watch back. Once the wizard is done, you can go to the main interface and tweak any setting to make your slideshow uniquely yours.

  2. Adding Multiple Layers to One Slide: Want to add more than one photo or video to a slide? It’s easy! Locate your content in the Folder List and hit CTRL on your keyboard while dragging and dropping your content on top of an existing slide. You’ll see the slide highlights as you add the additional layer. Once the second layer is added, double-click on the slide to bring up Slide Options. This is where you can adjust the layout of your slide, add effects and more.

  3. Importing Audio: ProShow accepts a number of different audio formats including MP3, OGG Vorbis, QuickTime and WMA. You can also pull a track from a CD to use in your show by going to Audio > ‘Save music from CD’.

  4. Slide Timing is Based in Seconds: When you first drop content into your show, you’ll notice that each slide has a ‘3.0’ slide time and each transition has a ‘3.0’ transition time. These are ProShow’s default times but you can change how long a slide appears on the screen or how long a transition lasts by clicking on the number and changing it. The timing is based in seconds, so simply type in your new time and hit enter.

  5. Using Slide Styles: Both ProShow Gold and Producer have hundreds of built-in slide styles. Slide styles are pre-made animations and effects you can apply to any slide in your show. In the Slide Options dialog, navigate to the Slide Styles area. Here you can preview any effect and apply it to a slide. HINT: You’ll see numbers to the right of each slide style. These indicate how many ‘layers’ are needed for the particular effect you have selected. A slide style with a ‘3’ next to it requires 3 layers (photo or video). So make sure you have 3 pieces of content in that slide when you apply the effect.

  6. Avoid ‘Missing Files’ by Backing Up Shows: When you create a slideshow in ProShow, you’re most likely adding photos, video clips and audio files that are spread out all over your computer. ProShow makes a note where that original file is stored and references it each time you open your show. If you move any of those files, ProShow won’t be able to find them and you may get a ‘Missing Files’ notification. An easy way to avoid this is to use the Collect Show File’s feature each time you make a show (Tools> Collect Show Files). This copies all your content into one location for safe keeping.

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