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Fun with Adjustment Layers: Create an Ink Drawing

ProShow Producer’s adjustment layers work like a camera filter. For instance, if you place an amber filter on a camera lens, the scene in front of the camera turns amber. If you add a fog filter on top of the amber filter, the scene has amber fog. You can do this in your ProShow Producer slideshows with adjustment layers, but you can also create effects that camera filters never dreamed of. For instance, a pen and ink drawing.

Create an Ink Drawing in ProShow Producer

  1. Add a photo to your slide list to create a new slide.
  2. Double click on the slide to open Slide Options.
  3. On the layers list on the left-hand side, click on the [+] button, then choose Add Adjustment Layer > Add Solid Color. Click OK to accept the solid white color.

    Create your adjustment layer.

  4. Click on the Adjustments tab at the top of Slide Options.
  5. While the solid color layer is selected in the layers list, click in the Colorize checkbox for instant black-and-white.
  6. Now it’s time to get extreme by changing these settings. In the Adjustment settings dialog, change the following:
    • White Point 100%
    • Black Point 0%.
    • Sharpen 100%.
    • Contrast 100%
  7. Even more extreme: Select the photo layer in the layers list, then set Sharpen to at least 70%. (You’re sharpening the sharpening!)
  8. If you’d like, select the white adjustment layer and choose any color you want in Colorize to change the color of your ‘ink drawing’ creation. After all, ink isn’t always black.

  9. As a finishing touch, select the photo layer and apply a white outline sized at 5 to give your pen-and-ink drawing a border.

A nice use of this effect is to create a pen-and-ink drawing in one slide, place the original photo in the next slide, and then fade from the first into the second.

Time to play with your new toy! Try anything and everything you can think of to change both an adjustment layer and a photo layer. If it knocks your socks off, save it as a style.

Today’s guest post is from Barbara Coultry, owner of The Frame Locker, ProShowThink, and The Playground. Learn more about controlling adjustment layers on Barbara’s blog.

Barbara is also a guest contributor to Secrets of ProShow Experts by Paul Schmidt.

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